HTF do you pronounce that NAME!

Do you ever get irritated at names that you can’t pronounce? Cause I actually get super fed up when I like call myself a “Bilingual” emcee and have failtothemax conversations with my friends like this.. J: Eh, your skin looks better recently? S: Is it?? Oh, must be a new foundation Im using. Coverage good [...]

Poke Bowls.

Im new to this. Really thankful to my friends who brought me to Alter Ego for dinner on Sunday. They've got such good ambiance, good beers, ciders and cocktails and oh-so-delicious poke bowls that tasted so damn good and feels healthy enough for a dine-out chill out night. To those of you who've never heard [...]

一公升眼淚 One Litre of Tears

我覺得粉絲跟藝人的關係真的很奇妙.. 謝謝你們的留言與支持. 我並不堅強, 但卻因為你們的鼓勵而勇敢. 謝謝你們讓我成為你們的陽光, 也為我的世界帶來那麼多希望與曙光. 自從我又開始blog, 你們總會留言說期待我的下一個故事. 謝謝你們從我身上得到正能量,也把正能量都投射在我身上. 我最近看了一部日劇,裡頭有這麼一句話: "在我今天能夠站在這裡, 帶著笑容跟你們分享我的故事之前,我大概已哭了一公升眼淚. 可這條路是我的選擇,而在這條路上,我堅持一步步找尋屬於自己的那一道光. 我相信每一天的生命都不會是結束, 而是一種不一樣的開始. 跌倒了算什麼,你總能起身. 若你跌傷了,就躺著望一望天空吧. 你將發現今天的天空依舊碧藍,依舊遼闊. 這片藍天正對著你笑,因為你還活著." 走心的文章就是得用華文來寫. 人生路上,你我同行. 共勉之. The connection between an artiste and his/her fans is indeed extraordinary. I'd just like to thank all of you for the comments and support. Im not exactly someone who's strong, but I remain [...]